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Interior Furniture Decor @ the Furniture Shoppe

Tarheel Home Furnishings (the Furniture Shoppe) offers interior decorating services as a compliment to your home furnishing needs. Some of the following suggestions are simple ideas that you can easily implement yourself.


  1.        Choose a dining table that is commensurate with the space available to avoid a crowded feeling. If you have to move anything just to sit down, then you’ll need a smaller dining table.

  2.        While the side chairs should match, you don’t have to match the side chairs with the arm chairs. In fact, a different dining chair or even lounge chair, can offer an eclectic appeal. You can even replace the side chairs with a bench or sofa.

  3.        If you choose to decorate your dining room with a rug, it’s best to select one that accommodates frequent spills. Darker colored rugs or a rug with multiple patterns hide the stains better than lighter colored rugs or solid colored rugs without a pattern.

  4.        A dining table is often used as a multipurpose place that can easily become  cluttered. If you have the spacing available to accommodate a buffet or hutch without making the dining area too crowded (see tip #1), you will be well served to use the additional storage.

  5.        Your dining area can be easily transformed into a unique centerpiece of your home with nothing more than personal decoration such as wall art, eclectic pieces, or favorite photos. Additionally, hanging light fixtures can highlight the entire dining space when centered over the table. Dining room décor should involve more than decorative furniture.


Interior furniture decor @ Tarheel Home Furnishings

For more extensive decorating needs, please contact Mendy at www.FurnitureShoppe.com or call (828) 396-1942. She has a special skill to compliment ANY home  with incredible decor and Tarheel Home Furnishing (the Furniture Shoppe) makes your furniture purchases more affordable!