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875 Velocity Loveseat with Console

Manufacturer: Southern Motion

875 Velocity Loveseat


The Velocity loveseat from Southern Motion has a "Shelf Base" which provides added dimension to the front AND sides. An overall 'Automotive feel' provides a touch of elegance to motion furniture. French seams in distinctive patterns contribute to the look. Poly foam filled arms trimmed in jumbo welt that continues to outline the wings. Also availalbe with console.



Velocity Loveseat Velocity Loveseat with Console
65w / 40d / 40h 78w / 40d / 40h



Memory Plus

With the Memory Plus feature store up to 2 preset positions – never lose that “perfect spot”


Control the power motion with your smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth connections, one-touch controls, memory plus, and built-in safety functions put the power of comfort in Your hands.


The power option allows one to electronically recline for in infinite number of seating positions. The PowerPlus options comes with a USB charging port located in the control panel. Charge all the latest technology, such as smartphones and tablets!