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751 Pandora Loveseat

Manufacturer: Southern Motion

751 Pandora Loveseat


The Pandora loveseat from Southern Motion has sleek styling that Rocks! Combining transitional bustle backs with updated French seaming and over sized stitching into a mix that is sure to jam in any room setting. Pad-over-chaise seating also draws from the French-seam shaping which brings unique style to the Pandora. The Pandora loveseat is available with console option.



Pandora Loveseat Pandora Loveseat with Console
68w / 39d / 41h 81w / 39d / 41h


Memory Plus

With the Memory Plus feature store up to 2 preset positions – never lose that “perfect spot”


Control the power motion with your smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth connections, one-touch controls, memory plus, and built-in safety functions put the power of comfort in Your hands.


The power option allows one to electronically recline for in infinite number of seating positions. The PowerPlus options comes with a USB charging port located in the control panel. Charge all the latest technology, such as smartphones and tablets!