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550 Maverick Sofa

Manufacturer: Southern Motion

550 Maverick Sofa


The "Maverick" is a ruggedly handsome dual reclining experience sporting reclining technology that facilitates infinite reclining positioning as well as a full-layout position for sleeping.  Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, the "maverick", when both ends are fully engaged, offers the sleeping surface of a queen bed.  "Maverick" utilizes a layer of memory foam in its cushioning construction bringing the benefits of memory foam technology captured in the bedding industry to reclining comfort.  Dual back cushioning with an abundant pad over chaise encourages premium relaxation and maximum room to rest.  Detailed stitching and unique styling make the "Maverick" a stylish addition to any décor.



Double Reclining Sofa Reclining Sofa with Console
78w / 38d / 41h 92w / 38d / 41h




The power option allows one to electronically recline for in infinite number of seating positions. The PowerPlus options comes with a USB charging port located in the control panel. Charge all the latest technology, such as smartphones and tablets!

Chair & 1/2

Bring people together with the extra space to snuggle or relax on your own.