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1140 Royal Recliner

Manufacturer: Southern Motion

1140 Royal Recliner


The 1140 Royal recliner by Southern Motion has been updated with elements that will marry well with Southern Motion's extensive custom covers available for special ordering. The arm type is commonly referred to as 'Mailbox' style. Upholstered and trimmed in round welting, the arm is a proven design. The arm shape was scaled down and used on the top of the wings, although a reverse or sweep back was added in their profile.




Rotate 360% and never miss a thing from your seat.

Memory Plus

With the Memory Plus feature store up to 2 preset positions – never lose that “perfect spot”


Control the power motion with your smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth connections, one-touch controls, memory plus, and built-in safety functions put the power of comfort in Your hands.


The power option allows one to electronically recline for in infinite number of seating positions. The PowerPlus options comes with a USB charging port located in the control panel. Charge all the latest technology, such as smartphones and tablets!

Power Lumbar

Let the inflatable lumbar cushion take the stress off your lower back with the push of a button.


Move back and forth while sitting comfortably.

Wall Hugger

Can be placed inches away from the wall, saving you lots of space.