Brahms Collection

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Manufacturer: Parker House
Item Description Dimensions
MBRA#832-CW SOFA DUAL RECLINER 84 1/2 x 38 1/2 x 40
MBRA#822-CW LOVESEAT DUAL RECLINER 62 1/2 x 38 1/2 x 40
MBRA#812G-CW GLIDER RECLINER 40 1/2 x 38 1/2 x 40

Material: 100% POLYESTER (WS)
Item Features: 1.8 Density Foam, Hardwood Frames: Plywood Shapes the frame, seat boxes are solid lumber., Padded frames all the way around.
Collection Features: Sinuous springed back and seat, Removeable backs, Double sided back flap., Cenro Mechanism

Finish: COWBOY